About Us

A completely personalized service, from head to toe M.A.D. CHEF makes it all come together to make your event absolutly PERFECT. Free cosultation is part of our service. As we all know great planning is the key to a flawless, enjoyable dining experience. Perfection is far too under-rated.

Our menu is there for inspiration,and we encourage our clients to be as creative as possible. Meal suggestions are always welcome and our team of experts will match foods that compliment eachother. As well a knowlegable account of Wines, Cocktails, Apperitifs and how they can enhance your meal.

Our promise is to provide for you the customer the finest, freshest ingredients available. In todays worldwide market we are now open to more than ever before in history. The ability to obtain top quality and freshness is dependant on the chef’s love and dedication to food, and M.A.D. CHEF is crazy about food.

Our guarantee is that each and every meal is prepared to perfection, as decided between the M.A.D.CHEF and the client. No detail is left untouched.

Quality is never an accident; it is a result of intelligent effort -John Ruskin





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