Lunch Catering

We provide prepared Fresh food and delivered on time to your location by knowledgeable and courteous Mad Foods staff will impress everyone at your meeting or event.

Our menus include

• Lunches
• Sandwich platters
• Buffet Lunches
• Formal Boardroom Lunches
• Corporate Cocktail parties

Full beverage service if required

Other services

Table Linen
• Crockery and Cutlery hire
• Glassware hire
• Service staff
• Delivery and pickup



Sandwich Platters

Your choice of our Hearty or Lighter Sandwiches
-Grilled Chicken Breast
-Medium Rare Roast beef
-Vegetarian(Grilled eggplant,Tomato, Zucchini and Spinach)

Cheese Platter

An assortment of  Cheeses of your Choice arranged Beautifully, Served with an assortment of Crackers and Decorated with Strawberries and Grapes
Choose from Cheddar ranging from Mild to 10 year naturally aged,Guinness Cheddar, Blue Cheese, English Stilton, Raw Quebec Goat’s Cheese, Regiano Parmigiano, Camembert, Brie, Mozzarela, Boconcini, Pecorino And Hundreds more. There is no Cheese we don’t Serve. Lots of Quebec Cheeses.

Meat & Deli Platter

You Choose-Turkey, Roast Beef, Parma Ham, Pastrami, Proscuitto, Mortadella, Head Cheese, German or Italian Salami, Montreal Smoked Meat, Corned Beef...The List goes on and on. If it’s out there We Can Serve it.       

Crispy and Fresh Veggie Platter

You have Never seen Veggies Displayed so Beautifully, Served with Marquis De Sauce Incredible Vegetable Dipping Sauces






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